15 Songs To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

Hi guys! For all of those who aren’t quite in the festive mood yet don’t worry because this is the blog post for you. I am bringing you 15 of my all time favourite songs to get you in the Christmas Spirit. Grab your speakers or your headphones and sit back relax and have a listen. 15 songs is a good number, not too many but enough classics to get you rockin’ around the Christmas Tree.

fifteent songds .png

Β 1.All I Want For Christmas is You – Mariah Carey, this is a true classic. I bet in 100 years they’ll still be playing this and I still won’t be able to reach that falsetto.

2.Fairytale of New York – The Pogues, if this isn’t one of your fave Christmas songs…WHAT YOU DOING. The song and video embody that moment when the whole family is drunk and chatting rubbish on Christmas Day. It’s just a great Christmas anthem.

3.I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – Wizzard, to be honest it’s in the title. I really do and for all those who love Christmas as much as I do this songs truly speaks to my soul.

4. Driving Home For Christmas – Chris Rea, this song is so cute I always envision a truck driver trying to get home to his wife and 5 kids. I don’t know why but I love this song a lot and I listen to it all year round.

5. She’s All I Want For Christmas – Lloyd, I have only heard this song recently and at first I thought it was a Michael Jackson song I didn’t know. *shocked and surpised* I found out it was by Lloyd and I have to say it’s his best song sadly for him. It is a banger so do have a listen if you haven’t heard it before.


6. Lonely This Christmas – Mud, I don’t know why there are so many sad succesful xmas songs. Is it a music formula. No idea, but this song is such a crooner. To all the singles out there this is the song. Crack open a bottle of mulled wine and raise a glass.

7.Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin’ Stevens, yep yep yep just yep.

8.Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End) – The Darkness, my favourite The Darkness song. I can never reach the high notes and I don’t know how he sustains it through the entire song. He definitely deserves a medal.

9. Happy Xmas (The War is Over) – John Lennon, of course a Christmas song from this musical genius was gonna be a hit. The voice, the instruments judt everything a perfectly crafted song. John and Yoko are goals and their speaking in the beginning is a bit cute.

10.Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Michael BublΓ©, I love this song so much. If I could have put his entire Chritmas album in this playlist I would have. His such a Canadian cutie. Also this song bring out a lot of dad dancing. Enjoy!

11.Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande, I normally hate pop Christmas songs but this song made it to the playlist only because it was stuck in my head for a week straight. It’s actually really good and it might be able to make it among the classics. Well done Ariana.

12.Do They Know It’s Christmas – Band Aid 20, I prefer the newer version because Dizzee Rascal on a Christmas tune is genius. Great song, another sad one and somehow I always feel guilty about eating my mince pies. Side note, it doesn’t snow in Africa.

13. Last Christmas – Wham!, this and all its covers are great. I really like the Metro Station cover, but you can’t sway from the original and George Michael is such a babe.

14. Mistletoe and Wine – Cliff Richard, this song always has me swaying side to side like a drunk donkey. But the video, why does he look so happy, why is everyone outside in the cold. So many questions.

15.White Christmas – Bing Crosby, this is probably the Christmas classic of all time alongside Mariah Carey’s song. Sadly we hardly get a White Christmas so we’ll have to keep on dreaming. We don’t get snow here in London we get slush. Where’s the Christmas song about slush, more of a Brown Christmas really.


You can find my playlist on Spotify; it’s called “15 Songs To Get You in The Christmas Spirit”. Do you like any of the songs and if your favourite isn’t here let me know what it is in the comments sections below or on twitter!

– Whitney Abigail xx


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    Omg I just did a Blogmas post with my Christmas Playlist πŸ™‚ could you check out my Blogmas posts and give me some feedback/advice? πŸ™‚

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