Last Days Of Summer: How The Hot Weather Can Help Your Hyperpigmentation

The woes of being prone to hyper-pigmentation! I am always looking for ways to prevent scarring from acne or to get rid of old marks left by hyper-pigmentation. I have had some success with soaps and creams and all that jazz, but effort right? One solution which isn’t so obvious is the sun, and at the moment we are having a lot of this beautiful weather. So continue reading for how the sun has helped clear up my skin.

Being self-conscious i about your skin isn’t fun when you have to wear a full face of makeup and it is boiling hot outside. You just end up having melted foundation everywhere and in my case looking like you’ve had too much fun with chocolate ice-cream isn’t ideal. I kept noticing that everyone who lives in hot countries just looks so good, great skin nice hair. After going on holiday a few times and noticing each time that my face had cleared of all acne, I realised that it must be down to the sun and all that Vitamin D. End of June I look like I been through a battle and by the end of September my skin looks refreshed, brighter and full of life!

While we are having these nice bouts of sun, take advantage and get your face in under the rays. Be careful of sun damage and being in the sun too long, you don’t want to over do it and damage your skin. I like to go in with a completely clean face, no makeup or lotion or anything. Would like to say if you have sensitive skin don’t go in the sun bare faced for too long, or use a sun tan lotion when you do so. A bare face just works better for me. The sun dries out any excess oil and I think the tanning helps to camouflage and erase scarring that may be there. Symptoms of acne such as inflammation and redness and bacteria are counteracted by the sun, so a good sun bathing session can definitely be good for you. Thank you mother nature, a tan and clear skin who could ask for more haha. Do remember there is a fine line between a good amount of sun and too much sun.

I hope you liked this post, the sun works for me so hopefully it works for you too. Does your skin like the sun or do you have a rocky relationship?

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