I Am Loving: KIKO Eyeshadow

When you find yourself in a shopping centre with multiple make up stores, it’s inevitable that you will leave with something of some sort. Eyeshadow is my new favourite make up product and so I added some products from KIKO to my growing collection. There are so many colours and tones and you can take your make-up from a natural warm look to a vibrant colourful one. Most of my current eyeshadows include neutral tone and so I thought that it would be nice to experiment with colour. The shades that I have are a turquoise green, 101 eye shadow, and a sea blue, 113 eye shadow.

If you hadn’t realised, I have a little obsession with mermaids and the sea. So anything with an ocean theme will float my boat. No pun intended. These lovely colours are very pigmented and give off a slight shimmery glow. Together, they mimic the colour of fish scales or the shimmer of the ocean and the eyeshadows are very blendable giving of a lovely chromatic effect. The colours aren’t too bright and dramatic and so for first time use of colour they are perfect. KIKO’s product they are low cost and affordable especially for the range of products that they provide. I will hopefully do a make-up look soon using these shades, the excitement is oozing.

Do you have any KIKO products, let me know if you do below or on Twitter! Also, check out other products I have been loving on the blog or on my Instagram xxx



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