Blogging Goals for 2016

Setting goals and expectations on a project is good planning and can give you something to work towards. A blog is just like any other project and preparing is key to growing it and making it bigger. When I started my blog I didn’t really have a clear idea of what I wanted to do or where I wanted it to go and for the past few months it’s there’s been a few rambling posts and sporadic entries.

Now that summer is here and I have an abundance of free time, I thought that I’d put a little more effort into it, after all it’s nice to look back on old writings like a little diary. I think the best way to measure growth is by traffic and audience and I’ll do this by looking at website and social media following.

Website Page Views – Goal: 6000 page views by the end of 2016

Page views is all about directing traffic towards your blog, like an online lollipop lady. I am going to hopefully, use my social media pages to do this and see which works the best. Post wise, I want to improve my visual content and produce higher quality content.

Twitter – Goal: 3000 followers by the end of 2016

My twitter followers are quite stagnant in the sense that I gain and then I lose followers. I want to gain followers that will be stay around and I’ll try to do this by interacting more and producing engaging content.

Instagram – Goal: 3000 followers by the end of 2016

So far, I realised Instagram is highly visual and you need to catch someone’s eye if you want them to follow you. Hashtags are also extremely important for let people know you exist. Even better, if you can dominate a hashtag you will have more chance of people viewing your content and maybe even sticking around.

Facebook – Goal: 450 Facebook page likes by the end of 2016

If not the hardest of them all to grow. I may try some giveaways to grow this channel and maybe taking the leap and letting my friends and family know about my blog. Every little helps and it’s probably time to do some research on how to grow your Facebook page.

YouTube – Goal: 100 subscribers by the end of 2016

I don’t post content. I’ve only ever posted a few videos. I really love the process of filming and so hopefully when I return to university and get back in a routine I will be able to film again. Without a mac and expensive software, it is quite hard to develop quality content on this. I shall try and you will definitely be seeing videos from me in the near future. I hope my subscriber goal isn’t too ambitious.

Since the start of my blog I’ve been quite inactive and not very regular with posting content, so making these goals is almost like starting afresh. I won’t make any comparisons to previous figures but only goals that I want to work towards. In roughly six months, I will hopefully be on track to my goals and I will be able to see the progress that I’ve made. It will also be interesting to see the ways in which I have grown traffic and an audience. At the moment it’s all trial and error so we will have to see how it goes from here haha.



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