Does the Media Demonise Single-Parents?

I’m doing a research paper on Single-parents in the Media and after just an initial look at media representation I am shocked by their portrayal. Most of the time they are mentioned is in regards to some benefits scandal or how they live in poverty or how their children are criminals. This is coming from big papers such as The Daily Mail and The Independent with huge audiences.

Coming from a single-parent home myself and knowing other people from the same, I was thinking is this what people think my family is like. There is not one type of single-parent family; they are varied and unique just like every other family. There are single parent families who struggle financially, there are some that are incredibly well off, some are male and some are widowed. There are so many circumstances for which someone may be a sole-parent, but the media never shows this. They like to create this idea of a benefit scrounger and someone who struggles and leeches off of society. Some families do take what they can get from the government but this isn’t the case every single time as the media likes to make out, some people actually work hard for their money.  Demonizing single-parents is terrible and will create a stigma that will be attached to them.

I have so much respect for lone-parents, the daily struggles are real. Playing both parental roles and giving all the love to the children. It is not easy. Single parent families should be supported, praised and strengthened, not demonized, it’s not right. Yes some children from single-parents commit crime and end up in jail but there are also others who excel and end up at universities and on to lead successful lives. Every family is different, painting everyone with the same brush is not right. Rant over, just wondering if there is some political agenda?


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