Goodbye January

So an entire month has gone by. 1/12 of 2016 has already been done. It was only New Years the other day I swear. I don’t know if time goes by faster as you get older but damn how did that happen.

This month for me is a trial period for 2016, the new year actually starts February 1st haha. As soon as the festivities were over I came back to university and started revising and trying to memorise as many past papers as I could before my exams. So half of my January was spent in bed with junk food around me and the philosophers Schopenhaur and Kant educating me.Β At least they are over now and this may be the most relaxed exam season yet. I literally stopped worrying about whether I passed or failed and just tried my best and all my worries and stressed seemed to vanish. What’s that thing someone said once?Β My grades do not determine my future.Β Well they kind of do, but as long as you did your best at least you will have peace of mind.

Blogging-wise, my blog went to sleep, it was probably still hungover from Christmas. I didn’t achieve any blogging goals but hopefully now that the REAL new year has started I can finally get to work. On that subject of goals, my New Years Resolutions were right at the back of my mind. I was actually really excited about them but at least it’s a new month and I have no excuse now. I started doing art again, so hopefully there’s more of that. I did drink more water, and I’ve started going to the gym a lot more. There is hope. I can do this. Those resolutions will be kept and I can live out this New Year New Me malarky in true spirit. (Where’s my dancing lady emoji)

So basically, this is a Goodbye January post where nothing much really happened. Here’s to February and let’s hope it’s more productive and filled with much less pizza.


24 thoughts on “Goodbye January

  1. serenityyou says:

    I am so glad January is over, been I rubbish month for me. My mum always used to say when I was little ‘ the older you get, the quicker the years go by’ . I thought she was talking rubbish, but it is so true! am am saying all the time now

  2. Rhian Westbury says:

    I totally agree with starting the new year from today. January is a trial month to get everyone into the groove of the new year and it all starts properly today. Good luck with your plans x

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