Government Votes to Bomb Syria

The UK government have decided to launch air strikes against Syria in an attempt to destabilize ISIS. Here are the results of the vote where a majority voted for the pending bombs.

Syria Vote Air Strikes ISIS murder

Let me just point out that this is an attempt and most likely hundreds of innocent civilians are also going to be killed as collateral damage. Bombing doesn’t stop extremist ideology, it only  allows the terrorists to validate themselves. Killing innocent people doesn’t stop terrorists killing innocent people.

It was only just a few weeks ago that our government was holding moments of silences and mourning the death of innocent people in the Paris bombings yet here we are about to do the same thing in Syria. Where is the logic, this blatant contradiction is a result of MPs who when winning the vote cheered and beamed and celebrated. To me this behaviour shows sociopathic tendencies but then again we entrust these people to run the country, what do I know.

No money to fund education, health, economy, but money to fuel a war? Okay? Think I’m missing something here. With any attack there is collateral damage, ISIS aren’t just going to go home like “yeah you bombed us we’re sorry, we’ll stop now”. They’re going to retaliate, and yes David Cameron and all those that voted are not going to be in harm’s way, it is going to be everyday people, British people just going about their days. David Cameron we are not terrorists sympathisers we are sympathetic for all the innocent lives going to be lost.

What do you think about the Syria Vote? If you want to have a say check this out .


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