Writer’s Block in Blogging: What to Do?

Okay so you may be feeling like you want to give up. Your blog isn’t going the way you want it to. You’re wondering why did you ever start it. You have no idea where to go next. No worries there is light at the end of the tunnel, we can get through this, together we can beat the disease that is writer’s block. Here is a a few tips on what I do when I’ve reached a mental block, hope it helps!


  1. You’re most likely feeling stuck in a rut, the first thing I do is take a browse through some of my favourite blogs. I think about what in particular draws me to them and what is it I like about them. Look for inspiration and keep ideas in your mind.
  2. Plan! Just brainstorm a list of topics or posts that you’d like to do. Write everything down, even if you’ll never do them. Always add to that list and you won’t run out of post ideas.
  3. You might be that person that has no idea what to write. Is something bothering you, really pissing you off. Is there a public service announcement that you’d like to make. Go ahead!
  4. Partake in a Blogging 30 Day Challenge. This gives you no choice but to write write write! Endless content here. This is probably most useful if you have no idea for content.
  5. Take a break and go and travel. You don’t need to go to South Asia, even just to a different part of town you haven’t been to before. Get outside you may find inspiration in the beautiful world around you.
  6. On that note go somewhere else to write your posts. If you normally sit at your desk banging the keyboard, make a change maybe go to the library or sit in a cafe.
  7. For content, perhaps reviews of films watched, restaurants visited, products bought. Anything that will allow you to have an opinion is fine!


Good Luck. You can do this. You will be healed from this disease. Writer’s Block will be no more. Your blog will be whole again!



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