Travel Makeup Essentials

Travel Makeup Essentials

Makeup essential for when you are travelling. Whether you are on holiday abroad or at a festival or jut staying round your Nan’s house, taking your makeup all over the place is inconvenient and most tie you don’t even use it all. Here is a list of my must have essential when travelling. Nothing fancy, just the basics.

Neutrogena face cleanser
£3.56 –

Baby wipes are the staple product in my life. When I’m at a festival with no shower facilities this is my go-to product. For when you just want easy relief and a clean face, wipes will sort you out.

Beauty product

Very simple lip product to keep your lips smooth and soft and slighty glossed. No one wants chapped lip on holiday.

Liquid eyeliner
£22 –

Any brand will do really, but eyeliner is the most important part of a makeup look for me. You can go from 0 – 100. Tired to bright-eyed. Very necessary.

For those of you like me with eyebrows far from perfect, bringing some sort of brow product with you will stop you looking like E.T. A pencil is easily transportable especially those double sided ones with a brush on the end.

£1.07 –

Rather than hauling my foundation and brushes everyday, I rely on my Doris Michaels Foundation sticks for an easy facial fix. Literally a stick it makes make-up on the go so much easier.

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