Welcome to Afro Mermaid

Okay so I’ve been going through a debate and battle with myself to make a blog, to make a Youtube and the alike. Now finally I have gotten round to making it, it is now just a matter of whether I actually use it. I don’t even know the etiquette of this so I’m just going to write and occasionally laugh at my own failed jokes with a LOL or a HAHA, that’ll make me feel like I’m not alone 🙂 So coming up with a name was hard because I get very bored easily and I’m not creative enough. So I thought who am I?

Well I’m an independent black woman who don’t need no man. No really the essence of me is the fact that I live life through the eyes of a currently 20 year old black woman with a fro’ that keeps on giving. So I have settled for the name Afro Mermaid. Who doesn’t want to a mermaid! I’m going to keep my URLs the same I guess for ease on my social networks as simply “whitnxy”. That’s with an “x” because I’m oh so original, NOT.

So basically what I am actually trying to say is hello there and welcome to my blog. I shall keep the interweb updated with my comings and goings and hold you hostage to my verbal diarrhoea.


Afro Mermaid | whitnxy




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