Re-post of “Last Week of Semester One First Year”

So after doing a year of law at the University of Southampton and changing my degree to Philosophy and Sociology, I wonder if I made the right decision or whether I have made a terrible mistake. This semester I have been able to study a variety of subjects which are Philosophy, Sociology and Spanish and I look forward to semester 2 where I will be taking on Psychology. This variety of subjects have allowed to be to make the decision that whatever my future career is needs to have diversity and variety. Law was not for me in regards to it rigidity and for that I have made the right decision to change. Potential careers which have taken my interest are; marketing, advertising, public relations and maybe just maybe a possible career in law (the irony). Being a first year student again is strange, making friends is slightly weird but it is okay as I have my old friends. Since summer I have met a lot of new people and formed new relationships that I never did last year. Semester 1 although challenging has been fun and has inspired in me a development which I think is perfect for the upcoming new year. As I play out this last week I wonder if I’m going to meet my deadlines, do well in my up-coming exams, maintain my relationships over the Christmas holidays and juggle in general the challenges of life. I handled a year of law, I’m sure I will be fine.


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