BET Proclaim Kim and Kanye #BlackLove What Does This Mean? 2015-05-24 19-10-35

So BET just tweeted something quite stupid and the whole of Twitter was up in arms about it. The above is the tweet in mention. Clever and well acted upon BET deleted the tweet. But muahahah I have it here on file their stupidity once again. The issues I have with this are quite simple. Kim is NOT a black woman. Not even close, not even a shred of DNA. So why did BET take it upon themselves to insert this couple into a category that they obviously do not belong. This is an interracial couple ladies and gentleman, if you want to put a label on it. On that topic, why did BET feel the need to comment on their skin colour even though in error, why couldn’t they just congratulate them on their anniversary, treat them like any other couple and move on. But no,, skin colours were mentioned. Or perhaps they were actually alluing to black culture. Perhaps they think just because Kim is married to a black man and has a black child she is a part of black culture.For black women it is hard enough for us to get media attention, coverage or basically accreditation and this is because we are black. For them to quickly label Kim as a part of the black love movement completely defeats the idea and object of it and is a form of erasure for black women. If this was a black woman white man relationship would they be labelling it as #blacklove also? No I don’t think they would. The media is trying to put Kim into a box that she does not fit in. She is Armenian please praise her for that, please share her culture like you mistakenly do for us blacks. She is not a part of black culture, the struggle, the social erasure, our lack of social privilege, she is not a part of it. Media please stop mis-defining us and open your eyes. Don’t be dumb like BET. Maybe think before you tweet.

– whitnxy



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