My Favourite Summer Sun Screens

Summer is almost over! Well with all the freak storms going on in the UK is practically already is. But still, I am here to tell you about the sun screens I have been using this summer. No matter your skin tone, you should protect yourself against the sun. Melanin helps but you can still cause damage if you don’t use any protection. So lather up on the sun screen haha. Anyway, I have mainly been using these two and one is Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Oil, whose products I have used before,- Love -, and the other is Ladival Sun Protection.

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Last Days Of Summer: How The Hot Weather Can Help Your Hyperpigmentation

The woes of being prone to hyper-pigmentation! I am always looking for ways to prevent scarring from acne or to get rid of old marks left by hyper-pigmentation. I have had some success with soaps and creams and all that jazz, but effort right? One solution which isn’t so obvious is the sun, and at the moment we are having a lot of this beautiful weather. So continue reading for how the sun has helped clear up my skin.

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I Am Loving: Madara Time Miracle Cellular Repair Serum

At the moment I am on a skin care hype. I had decent skin during my teenage years and all of a sudden hyper-pigmentation has moved in rent-free and is causing chaos. I got my hands on this nifty little product that has the purpose of restoring and repairing you cells and activating an anti-angeing defence. It’s a cellular repair serum by Mádara. You’re never too young to use these types of products, your skin gets damaged all the time, the sun, chemicals and roughness. Looking after your skin is important and if you enjoy wearing make-up, good skin is the first step to perfect application.

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How To Be More Productive


Being productive is not something I excel in. I always try to put as little effort into something as I can. I’m basically a lazy sloth. You know those times when you have an assessment due but instead you decide to binge watch Orange is the New Black, that happens to me far too often. Hello, I’m Whitney and I’m unproductive. Trying to get out of this rut, I’ve got some handy tips on how to be more productive and make the most of your time. The key to productivity is focus. You can do it fellow sloth. We can all do it.

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I Am Loving: KIKO Eyeshadow

When you find yourself in a shopping centre with multiple make up stores, it’s inevitable that you will leave with something of some sort. Eyeshadow is my new favourite make up product and so I added some products from KIKO to my growing collection. There are so many colours and tones and you can take your make-up from a natural warm look to a vibrant colourful one. Most of my current eyeshadows include neutral tone and so I thought that it would be nice to experiment with colour. The shades that I have are a turquoise green, 101 eye shadow, and a sea blue, 113 eye shadow.

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